See below for a few examples of why thousands of people daily choose AnswerLady's reverse phone look-up to identify an unknown number.

  • Sarah has broken off a relationship with a very controlling ex, only to receive hang-ups or missed calls several times a day from a new number she used this tool to find out if it was her ex calling or a random telemarketer.
  • Henry isn't comfortable responding, "New Phone Who Dis?" when he receives a text from someone he doesn't know – he uses the reverse phone look-up to find out if it's a friend or a potential fraudster.
  • Amy got a new phone, but a few contacts transferred over without a name, so she keeps getting “unknown caller” or "possibly Sally Sue" when these friends call. She used the reverse phone look-up to clean up her contacts.
  • Other reasons people use AnswerLady to look-up a phone number include: Looking up an old phone number to find someone's current contact information. Identifying unknown callers to reduce your risk to scams. Stop harassment from a caller who is aggressive in the number of times or hours that they call. Verifying someone that you have only known online, but plan to meet in person.

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Doing a reverse phone look-up can be for casual reasons or for safety, in the latter instance you'll want your results fast. While some of our competitors take hours or even days to get your results, AnswerLady will get you the results you need in a matter of minutes. Other key benefits of using our reverse phone look-up tool include:

  • It's Convenient. You can look up a phone number 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from anywhere, on any device.
  • It's Comprehensive. Our reports go beyond a name, you can also look for background data like the cell service provider and the address of the account holder.
  • It's Inclusive. Our reverse phone look-up tool can identify numbers that belong to a landline, cell phone or VoIP.
  • It's Free. You can perform the basic name-only search for free an unlimited number of times. If you'd like to dig deeper, we have various search options with pricing based on the level of detail required.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy! Simply enter the unknown number in the search field on our home page and click submit. In a few seconds you will receive your report on the person associated with that phone number.

Yes! You can search using other criteria such as name, mailing address, or email. Even if you have an old address, you can complete a search as the resulting report includes a complete address history.

Absolutely not. We do not ask for any information from the person performing the search, nor do we save any personal information on our membership subscribers.

All of our data comes directly from public records and other highly vetted, reliable sources. Because all of the information is public, you could perform the search on your own, but it would take hundreds of hours and much more effort, expense, and patience to get the same results AnswerLady provides in mere seconds.

Almost instantly! Our powerful platform searches through billions of records from over 6,000 databases and provides a comprehensive report in just a few seconds.

The following criteria are most commonly included in a reverse phone search:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Current and former addresses
  • Current and former phone numbers
  • Likely relatives and associates
  • Corporations or businesses with which they're associated

We do not house or store data, so your results will always contain the most current information.

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