The Best Way to Find Someone Online

Apr 26, 2023
People Search
man on laptop finding someone online

Looking for someone online? AnswerLady can help you find the information you’re looking for instantly.

There are plenty of reasons you would want to know how to find someone online. Perhaps you have a friend from high school who you haven’t talked to in a while and want to get back in touch with. You may also have a long-lost family member that you’re eager to find. If you’re organizing a college reunion or sixty-fifth birthday for a parent, you will need contact information for the guests—many of whom you may only know their names.

The best way to find people online is definitely AnswerLady. You can use the service to run a quick and painless people search to find a person’s location, aliases, relatives, contact info, and more. You may feel intimidated by using AnswerLady but it really is very simple. We’re here to help you out with a breakdown of how to look someone up using the site.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Find Someone Online

Here are the steps to follow in order to use AnswerLady to find someone:

1. Visit

The first step for using AnswerLady is to visit the website: In addition to our people search, here you can find information on ways to use AnswerLady, benefits of the service, the sort of information you can find, and answers to frequently asked questions.

2. Conduct Your People Search

Once you’ve arrived at the site, it’s time to begin your search! All you need to do now is enter a person’s first and last name. There is space for you to enter their location, but this is optional. A location will help to narrow down the search though, especially if you are searching for a common name. You also don’t have to search for a person by name—AnswerLady can search based on a phone number, email address, or street address as well.

3. Check Out Your Free Results

If you run a name search on AnswerLady, you will see a results page with the best match at the top. You can filter the results by age range, location, and middle name. Free of charge, you will see the age, aliases, other addresses, relatives, and at least one of the phone numbers of each search result. You may notice that some of the details like a few of the phone numbers and email addresses are blurred—you’ll need to purchase a membership with AnswerLady to view your full report, which we’ll discuss in the next step.
woman trying to find someone online

Looking for information outside of the free results? Check out some of AnswerLady’s subscription plans!

4. Choose Your Subscription Plan

When you click “View Report”, AnswerLady will comb through billions of records to find detailed information related to the person you’re searching for. This will lead you to a page where you can choose your subscription plan. A subscription includes access to unlimited background reports (convenient if you need to find several people), current and historical contact information, family members and associates, criminal and traffic records, and public records and professional licenses. You can choose a five-day trial for just $1.00, a one-month membership of $19.95 a month, or a three-month membership for $12.97 a month ($38.90 today). It’s up to you to decide which type of subscription would suit your needs. Then all that’s left is to choose your payment method and click “Order Today”!

5. Log in and Enjoy Access to Unlimited Reports

Once you’ve completed the process to purchase your membership, you are free to run as many people searches as you like during the length of your membership. After you search for one friend from school, you may think of several more you want to find. An associate of your friend might turn out to be someone else you’re eager to look up. Of course, AnswerLady saves you the trouble by including associates’ contact information in our reports.


Whether you’re searching for a long-lost friend or relative or need to compile a guest list for a party or reunion, AnswerLady is the best way to find someone online. It’s fast and easy—you’ll be able to acquire contact information and more in mere seconds.
If you want to know how to find people online, look no further. With just a name, phone number, email address, or street address, AnswerLady will provide you with accurate information to help you reunite with loved ones and make that event you’re planning a success.