About this site

Everyone can be happy and fulfilled!
  We are meant to experience and express joy in abundance. 
When happiness is fleeting and success eludes us,
it is often because, like a magnet,
 we attract the things which we are most focused on.
To attract better things,
we must change how we think, and react. 
Every thought, emotion, word and action
 is a unique form of energy which travels out from us in a wave
and reverberates back towards us in the same fashion. 
If our thoughts are primarily negative,
what we emit out and what ricochets back
will be negative as well. 
The answer to just about everything
 can be found in energies which attract happiness, fulfilment and peace.
Profane language and character defamation will not be tolerated
 but all positive and encouraging comments are welcome.
I invite you to submit  questions or topic requests,
 that you would like to explore or get my opinion on.
There is an answer for everything.
 I challenge you today, to change your luck for the better
and begin drawing towards yourself happiness, good fortune and good health. 
 Stay connected to this site and let Answer Lady enrich your life
 with tried and true techniques that will bring you the success and joy you deserve.
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