Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Pretty Bird

Ever wonder what the prettiest pigeon in the world happens to be? Me neither but here she is...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

FREE EBOOK The Triptych Force: WE ARE

How do we live a life of purpose and find peace in hardships? Well this question is answered from a spiritual energy point of view.

The Triptych Force: WE ARE is FREE today!

It is a book about using our energy to create the life we truly want. Inner Peace is achieved when the soul gets what it honestly desires, for when it gets what it wants, it is satisfied. This eBook explores how people and environments affect our lives and how we in turn are responsible for how we affect others, through the energy that we emit.

More and more people understand this concept of energy because of personal experiences with holistic healings, martial arts, yoga or meditation. When we recognize how others affect the way we think and feel, we are much more equipped to be calm in every situation which will produce a life filled with peaceful relations with everyone.

Though this book is scripturally based, The Bible is not the only text which has influenced this work. Many different faith and philosophies including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Kabbalah are present and though there are differences within each practice, there are even more similarities within them and together they weave a beautiful tapestry of pertinent knowledge and insights for humanity in this Present Age.

Download your free copy from, .ca., etc. between March 11 and 15 and revitalize your life with focus and purpose.