Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What is Love?

Well, we’ve all asked this question a thousand times and yet are we any closer to understanding the true meaning of this four letter word? To love and “to be in love” are not the same thing. When we are “in love” we are feeling with our emotions but when we express real love we put our emotions aside and act on a desire to do what we know is kind and not what we feel we want to do. I have put together five attributes of love to help define what in my opinion, true love is.

Faith receives and Love gives. Faith is something we have. Love is something we extend. Faith: is to trust what we cannot see. Love: is to give when we do not have.

Love and hate are of the same nature. The Law of Duality puts love and hate at opposite extremes. In this way we learn what love is, by learning what love is not.

Love is power and strength. Love is not doubt and fear. If someone tells you that they love you then they make you feel afraid, they are lying to you. Love is positive energy. It is the strongest of all powers. It changes revenge to mercy and weakness into strength.

True love cannot be spoken. Love is a verb, which means love is an action word. Love must be show, for if love were only spoken, then it would only be good words.  Love is made real when it manifests into an act of giving.

Love is not an emotion. We do not feel love we experience it. The best way to experience love is by expressing it. First we feel glad in our giving and then we get to share in the joy and appreciation of the recipient. There is happiness all around for the person who loves.

Love can exist even in hate because love is an expressed act of goodness, which stems from an honorable intent to do good. We can love even when our human nature tells us to hate. The Law of Duality states that love and hate are opposite extremes of the same nature. Love is less hate and hate is less love. Each of us is made up of a combination of both in varying degrees. We all have both light and darkness within us which means we all are in need of mercy and forgiveness.

Through the Law of Free Will, everyone gets to choose how much love to give and to whom. We must never forget that the expression of love must be extended to ourselves as well.  It is important to love and care about ourselves. If we don’t then we will never reach our full potential. To be truly healthy in mind body and spirit we must be aligned to love. When we act on a desire to be, above all kind, forgiving or merciful, to ourselves as well as others we are healing through the act of love.
LFlickr, Creative Commons