Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Triptych Force Laws

Ever wonder why things are the way they are? Why do bad things happen to good people?  Why do some people seem to be blessed while others can’t catch a break? It is true, we don’t seem to have a say in the matter of picking our families or our circumstances, but I believe that there are no coincidences and that everything happens for a reason. Most people, when they hear this statement, think I am referring to an underlying purpose to our situations. Although I do believe that there is purpose to our experiences, today I am referring to another reason for our personal wins and losses. We are beings of light, living within a reality that is energy based, and these innumerable waves have properties which affect us every minute of every day. How can we understand ourselves if we don’t know anything about a very big and basic part of who we are?

The Triptych Force is all around us and it is like a flowing river. It is always in motion and it follows certain patterns. Water flows down hill, not up, and it also flows around objects not through them; Basic physics, right? Well, there are also Triptych Force Laws that are just as basic and if we understand how they work we can improve our lives with every decision we make. So what are the Triptych Force Laws and how can we apply them to our lives to create balance and peace? I have compiled a list of the top six that I think are the most important for daily happiness. As you read them, try to picture a situation in your life where these rules might have changed the outcome.  As you go on with your week, remember them as you react to your surroundings. These laws are as old as the basic laws of physics. We cannot change them but we can learn how to apply them to our lives to produce harmony and success.

#1) The Law of Free Will...We are not puppets being led around by a puppet master. We always have choice. We get to choose what to think, and the kind of person we become will be forged by our own choices. We can’t always control our circumstances but we always have control over how we face each situation. By realizing that a lot of what happens to us comes through the choices we make, we can then stop blaming everyone else for the unpleasant things we experience. Only when we take responsibility for our personal choices will we be able to move on and improve our lives. 

#2) The Law of Vibration...Mankind, our universe and this reality are all made up of vibrating particles of light. All around us, waves of energy emit out from our bodies, minds and emotions in a pattern called Torus. Everyone emits these energies and everyone is affected by the vibrations produced by others. As our emotions fluctuate, so too do the energy patterns which radiate out from us; the more intense the emotion the more powerful the wave. Singers learn compression, so that as they sing they release only the least amount of air needed to produce the desired sound. We need to learn to compress the energy of our thoughts and emotions, because when we don’t, the waves we create can burst out of us and hit those around us like a ton of bricks. We all do it to each other. When we realize how other people’s emotions influence us, then, we can choose to retreat a situation before all of our personal peace becomes depleted. Each of us is responsible for protecting and maintaining our personal energy levels.

 #3) The Pendulum Swing Law...We cannot be happy all the time. Like the ocean tides, our states of mind sway back and forth, undulating between high and low. We cannot change this law but we can use it to our advantage. When we are down, we need to remember that it is not the end of the world and when we are up, we need to realize that it will not last forever. This goes for circumstances as well; when things are going our way, we should appreciate the good fortune, and when life is not going so well, we need to accept the challenges without resentment. Both will add great value to our lives. Hard times make us strong enough to endure and good times are our rewards for not giving up.

#4) The Duality Law...Emotions are neither bad nor good. Emotions are our honest feelings. What we do with these feelings can then be judged as either good or bad. Everything has been made in pairs. Love and Hate are opposite ends of the same feeling. When we hate we love the least. When we love, we hate the least. We have been given both extremes so that we can understand the value of good things through the contrast of painful times. When bad things happen to us, it is not necessarily meant as a punishment, but sometimes it is given to us that we may experience appreciation. When our hearts are broken, we will experience great joy when love finds us again. The intensity of the joy would never be realized if it were not for the original painful experience.

#50 The Law of Reap and Sow...For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is Physics 101 and we can expand this law to include the choices we make. What we choose to think and what we choose to do will have consequences. If we think negatively we will produce mostly negative results. The opposite is also true. If we emit mostly positive thoughts and actions, then we will create a very positive environment around ourselves. We attract into our lives what we are preoccupied with. If we are always surrounded by drama it is because we draw it in by our thoughts. If we can maintain peace in our lives, it is because we make it a priority. We get back in perfect measure whatever we put out.

#6) The Law of Cycles...Energy travels in waves and experience repeats itself in cycles. We most often do not understand things on the first try. If you find yourself repeating the same mistake over and over, don’t worry, it happens to all of us. The important thing to understand from our experiences is that they are in place to help us grow. There is always something to learn from each and every painful situation.  Don’t let the strain get you down. Brush yourself off, lift your head high and keep trying to achieve whatever it is you seem to fall short of. Failure only exists when we give up. It doesn’t exist just because we don’t succeed. If we learn even one thing new, each time the cycle repeats itself, then the experience was a success.