Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Good and evil exist within us

Every day we are bombarded with new examples of slaughter and indifference to human life.  Last week a young man released his rage on society at a movie theatre and this week someone else opened fire on a temple while innocent people gathered in worship.  How could anyone attack young innocent strangers?  Well, the answer rests in the fact that we all have the capability to create and we all have the capacity to destroy.  Studies have shown that, normal everyday peaceful people will resort, not only to violence, but also to torture, if placed in the right situation.  Of course our emotional attachments to others are forged in early childhood, but why do the same families produce both protectors and predators?  The answer is choice.   Some choose to put their personal desires for vengeance and malice aside and other choose to embrace these intense human emotions.

Understanding evil and standing up to it is our best weapon against it.  I believe that evil is like a cancer. The sooner we eradicate the root, the better chance we have, of it never coming back. Parents are the first line of defence in achieving this goal.  Not only should parents teach their children the difference between right and wrong but it is paramount that they hold their kids accountable for their actions.  Too many times I have seen children lie, bully or steal while their parents either look the other way or worse, defend them.  “My child would never do that!”  Well every spree killer is someone’s child and the act, that he or she becomes famous for, is most certainly not an isolated incident.   There are always many previous act of depravity which lead up to the big one which gets he or she noticed, and there are always those who see the warning signs yet do nothing.  I’m not saying that all tragic events can be avoided or that society should become hyper-vigilant against all perceive threats, but rewarding good behaviours and correcting bad ones, at an early age, are the best chances we have of avoiding another mass murderer from being developed.  If we want a future with less violence we must set our children on the right path at an early age.  Discipline and self control should not be viewed as punishments but as powerful tools that can assist our children in achieving peace and success.  Peace begins with love.

Peace begins with love
Picture coutesy of Br3nda from Flickr
Peace Wall, Hamilton